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We Manufacture and Exports Wedding Umbrella and Parasols for Wedding Celebration Carnival parades for Holy processions in various fabrics like satin bright fabric cotton silk with embroidered work on it in multicolor designs. We have Heavy Embroidered Umbrella Custom made Umbrella Valvet fabric Umbrella Plain Fabric Umbrella with Hanging Tassels Umberlla with Hanging Frill Royal Pearl Beading Parasol Garden Historical film Parasols King�s Parasols Elephant Over shed Parasol Umbrella with laces Jaipuri theme Red Umbrella with hanging crystalsUmbrella Patch work Umbrella Beach Umbrella Rani Wedding Parasol Net Fabric Parasol with hanging tussels Parasols with Red Sequins Procession Umbrella Pearl Beading Parasols purple fabric Parasol Embroidery Rajasthani Theme Umbrella etc.

Special offer for bulk buyers store owners wedding planners event management compnies. We also manufacture Religious Umbrellas Chatar Sahib for Holy processions. We provide you as per your requirement just to send us product picture. Price of this on request.

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