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These kits contains all necessary & rare items required at the time of Worship / Pujan of Lakshmi ji symbol of Wealth. As deepawali/Diwali festival is celebrated almost in whole world with great enthusiasm so special attraction is maintained for quality and quantity.

CONTENTS : 1. One small statue of Goddess Lakshmi ji. 2. One small statue of Lord Ganesh ji. 3. Decorative Thaal for Pujan. 4. A sketch of Navgrah. 5. Pujan Samagri: Desi Ghee, Jot, Jot pot(Decorated), Dhoop, Agarbatti, Kumkum, Rice, Mauli(Khambni), A pack of Misri, Flowers, Tamulam (a leaf of Paan),Musk Kapur for aarti, A recite of aarti of Lakshmi ji , A Bell, 11 muds Dives(Decorated), Sarson Oil. 6. One square Deeva (Decorated)for four side Lighting ,Batties included. 7. One Big Deeva For Centered Jot for whole night lightned. 8. One Bandanvar for welcoming Devi Lakshmi ji at night. 9. One pack of Beautiful Candles.