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We accept all Major Credit Cards! But upto transaction of USD 150- 200 only.

* Courier/Shipping charges are extra as depend on your order.

* The much you buy the less will be shipping charges.


We are also capable to make any themed item like Big Eagle or logo to be placed in the center of any Educational Institution , Entrance of Army Headquarter or entrance of Water Parks Palaces Banquet Halls Resorts Restaurant Showrooms Hotels Motels Malls to attract the customers like Bride Statue wearing gown etc. Also makers of Jagran Jaagran Jagrata Jagraata Fiber Embossed Display Panels Statues. Capable to make any Fiber Statue of a Politician Ex-army Man angle any artistic work, any size entrance statue or theme in fiber. Fiber embossed display panels are suitable for Temples Mandirs Gurduara Sahib Sahibs abroad for wall fixing, easy to ship.

So if you have any requirement of any type of fiber statues please feel free to contact or send any picture through email as we fully capable to prepare in any height shape etc. Attractive prices for Wedding Planner Banquet Hall Owners Wedding Planning Organizers Wedding Arrangers Bulk Buyers Warehouse Owners etc. Please intimate in your email, what required from seen picture whether as seen or in parts. Price of this SHIV IN SAMADHI POSE ON STONE on request.